7 maj 2011

With feeling?

I have a theory :it could be demons....?
I have a theory :it could be bunnies.

There are 2 sides to ceremonial magick, theurgy and thaumaturgy. If you focus too much on theurgy you become stuck in using magick only to progress on a spiritual path towards enlightenment and refuse to use magick to find a job for example, but you get a cool alchemical process. This also leads to constantly being unsure where the subjective/objective line goes. It might even make you look down upon people who do practical magick, believing that they are deluding themselves. This also leads to the dark side of the force.... Err I mean the psychological model of magick.

If you only do thaumaturgy you become a devout believer in a specific set of rules like Lisewski, Greer or Warnock, very good at manipulating the coincidence, or however practical magick works, but then one is still stuck on this side of the fates and one misstakes the rules and thinks the symbol is the signified not the signifyer. This also leads to the dark side of the force.

Demons, angels, signified or signifiers? Tools for our internal life or separate entities? When we work theurgy do we contact the same spirit as when we do thaumaturgy? The truth of the matter might surprise you.

Its not angels. Its not demons.



Do both. Theurgy plus Thaumaturgy= fun. Simple scientifically proven equation.

This way you can work out why they need carrots.

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  1. It's angels and demons. And bunnies.

    To paraphrase Crowley:



    Let these two asses be set to grind corn!