23 september 2011

Highlight: The Key: Sethian Gnosticism in the Postmodern world

I am exceedingly busy and will be for the next few weeks before the blog continues.

The problem with equinoxes solstices and other things.
However The Key: Sethian Gnosticism in the postmodern world has now finally been released on Amazon.

I read the original when it was still a Norwegian word document and was meant to assist in translating it. There might be 1 or 2 pages in there that I translated as well.
I am extremely happy to see this on Amazon after loving it when I read it 2 years ago. That it is available to the English speaking world is a huge asset!

The book gives an introduction to Sethian Gnosticism in a way that it becomes relevant to people today. It is actually Book 1 of 3 planned ones where the other 2 will focus more on practical matters and also contain some of the hidden and revealed texts.
The book is the result of the work of a practitioner from their Albedo phase through the citrinitas.

I strongly recommend it for anyone who has an interest in gnosticism, would like an overview and thinks in these paths.

I have to highlight that this is not a historic treatise nor is it a book filled with informatio about how you can be a Gnostic, what it does do is that it takes concepts and ideas from Gnosticism that many use yet few understand, and makes it as clear as possible for todays readers.

I hope you enjoy it!