29 maj 2011

If the soup nazi was a gnostic

It seems there is a confusion between what the difference is between the esoteric and the exoteric strands of Christianity.

If I got a coin everytime someone complains to me that Gnosticism is dualistic or that the myths are difficult to swallow, or the fact that its confusing there are so many different myths, I would probably have enough money to build my own church.

I think I can safely try and not have verbal diarrhea in writing this time around and simply state the obvious.

If you swallow the myth, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim, or any other religion for that matter, then you are following the religion. To believe, accept and follow you need faith.

If you would swallow one of the gnostic myths, as so many, many do, then you are not actually a Gnostic. Following the Christian doctrine and believing in it fully, you are not a Theosopher.

The myths serve a purpose, in the same way as certain Tools or magical processes do. They give you an approximation a way to make sense of the inner processes.

If you believe in any specific gnostic myth in the same way as a fundie believes in the second coming of christ, if you think that any revealed text to be truthful, then you are doing a very very good job. Of being a Psychic, but Gnostic you are not.

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