17 november 2010

Inane metaphor of the day

I just have to share something I said whilst tutoring.

The alchemical process you undergo can best be described by an everyday alchemical act.

Boiling pasta.

You could put the pasta in cold water overnight and the next day it would be soft.
(this of course refers to lazy-ass practitioners who barely do the required base minimum workd)

You can also boil the pasta and then turn the heat off a bit or not take the pasta out in time making it just a bit too soft.
("I have spent 30 years in this or that masonic--whatever--system. Oh? no of course I still am not enlightened....." RIGHT)

You need to bring the water to a rapid boil, add salt, in with the pasta, and remove it when it is almost soft and then leave it to finish cooking itself, by its own inner latent heat on the plate.

Al dente.
(Pulveris solaris.)