21 maj 2011

Tools for the common man

To avoid having to write the same email over and over again:

Most people do not actually want to learn magick. Most people do not actually want to get knee-deep into western esotericism. What you think you know about the esoteric tradition, what you have read in books, on blogs, that is still exotericism. Even I am not talking openly about many things here as I am not an idiot.

The truth is, most just want to mess about with parts of the system.
I have met many who should just shut up, and fit into society.
I have met many who spend years of their life doing theurgy and hating every moment of it because what they actually WANT is religion. But they have been indoctrinated by the "books claiming to the esoteric" that religion is bad as it is exoteric. That the smart people, the people who understand postmodernism, and "spirituality" who want to get somehewhere in life and with the "work" do not follow exoteric religions.
The exact same goes for people doing mystical work.

Same thing with people using the wrong tools for the job. People who deep down are Christian trying to become Buddhist because they get a mental stiffy out of its projected orientalism and doctrine that makes mental sense. (even though they would pray to god the moment i shove a revolver into their mouths...)
People who try to use practical magick to accomplish spiritual ends, people who think praying to Sophia will make them better people. Psychological issues we try to fix with magick even though there are more effective means.... the list is endless and 9 out of 10 seekers are dead wrong in where they are heading.

If you want to have tools to become a better person, if you want to develop a deeper relationship with the source, if you want the bortherhood. If you want to start the path, by linking yourself one way or another to what is one of the few representatives of the existing western transmission outside Europe, become a Mason.

1 You believe in a higher power and you will develop your relationship to it
2 it will show you what a functioning lodge is
3 you will be forced to work with so many other people with different backgrounds that your bubble will open up
4 the Egregore of the order will have a good influence on you

you will NOT learn magic from them. You will not learn alchemy. No. You will simply become part of a massive brotherhood and you will start to work on yourself and you will receive tools to work with.

For most this will be enough. Magick or mysticism for spiritual purposes is not for everyone and you should never ever feel like you HAVE TO do it. Become a Master Mason. Manifest it fully in your life.

Gnostics usually say that Psychics are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work :P

Even if you want to learn goety, thaumaturgy or theurgy this will give you a good grounding, and certain things you might be able to find in books and certain things there are groups for.

Read EVERYTHING you can get a hold of from Evola. Enjoy.

If you seek a more spiritual approach: Go to a monastery of your faith for a while. Preferably 2 weeks. Pray. If you do not believe in God because you think she is a silly notion then how the hell do you propose to become a mystic?

If you truly honestly feel that you want to spend your time and energy developing a further relationship with the divine?

Read Theosophia : Wisdoms Children and start to have a practice.
Find out if there is a local Martinist group you may be able to join, seek initiation from one of them accepted by the others, use the tools and be aware that there is no further goal then Universal Reintegration.

If none of this is what you want, if you just want those sixpacks and get laid, then do what the rest of the world does;

Stop bitching about spirits, stop sitting for hours meditating without moving, stop doing rituals for some odd end. Get a haircut. Start to work out. Get an education for the job you want and live and enjoy life fully. With as many pretty pentagrams or crosses for decoration as you may or may not want. The Esoteric tradition is not self help.

For goodness sake.

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  1. I respect a writer who works to chase away people who aren't the right audience for him. So I'm curious, what do you see as the right reasons for doing magick? For me it's curiosity -- needing to understand how it works, what all the moving parts are that connect symbols to changes in reality. But I have no idea if that's a common reason or not. Thanks!

  2. There are many paths that are equally correct in general, but might suit some better than others. Find a path, whether it be magical or mugglical! Just try and find the RIGHT one, for YOU! Everything else is a life wasted.
    Good one there! :-)

  3. @Magickofthought
    Magick is an umbrella term covering many different aspects of a continuom.
    See my older post about approaches to magick for example.

    Theurgy is for very, very few and I don't want to say anything set in stone as that creates a lot of projection on the part of the seekers.
    "I didn't know you should want that. Now I do, so now that is what I want" is the unconscious narrative that it would lead to.

    Regarding your own approach>
    I don't know what practice you are involved with. So I have no idea if it is common for people to have that approach to that specific way of working.
    Also >there are already many excellent theories that explain HOW it works. However I find these extremely boring as there is only one real question which has ONE single answer> WHY it works.

    I see no point in trying to work out how to calculate a trajectory when you are only throwing a ball with your arm.

    However if you are happy finding your own theory go for it.