19 februari 2011

The light in the darkness

To further elaborate on the previous post using Western terms.

99,9% of all western esoteric traditions postulate the supreme being.

Did the supreme being create the world as the best of worlds?
Then how do you account for SIDS, horribly painful diseases and bad accidents?
If the almighty is responsible for the world, why is there evil?
Is there a Satan figure needed? Are we too ignorant to understand the grand plan?
Do you feel like you belong in this world?

or do you think that the nature of the world is different from the nature of the created world?
Maybe god doesn't intervene because he is not of this world? Do you feel that a god who allows these bad things to happen is a bit of a messed up concept?
Do you feel like this is not the best of worlds? Should the world be different?

The light that shines in the darkness. is the light and the dark coexistent, or is the light shining in the darkness from somewhere else?

1 kommentar:

  1. God created this beautiful world. It is beautiful. I belong on this Earth. Seen or unseen, everything is connected. Things die, including us. Death is not evil, but necessary. It makes way for the new, the young, and relieves the suffering of the old and the damaged. It provides food, everything is eventually eaten and everything eats. Suffering just is part of the way things work. The price of life.