25 februari 2011

Energy ;)

I just love when missguided individuals who believe they understand hermetic magick and the western secret tradition go on and on about things.

Actually, no, I don't.

It is impossible to re-create the hermetic tradition reading the Corpus and Grimoires without being in possession of the key to unlock it. They are not training manuals or complete cosmological maps with google-mapped road descriptions.
You cannot just pick up a grimoire, decide the spirits are not demons but helpful entities and go with it. If you don't get demonic entities when you call them, then you're doing something very wrong and if you're lucky you might have gotten a different class of spirits helping you who are just willing to be called by the names...

I will rant away then.

Hermeticism, in its pure form hasn't existed for thousands of years. The tradition did instead meld with many things, alchemy being one.

We don't have to look to the East regarding the idea of any prana, shakti, or chi. We do not have to blame anyone the last 100-200 years for the idea of 'energy' in the Western tradition. It is not stolen from somewhere else. It has always existed.

Since the arrival of alchemy it has been and is called the secret fire. The alchemists have written about it and used it and depicted it for hundreds of years prior to electricity being found and harnessed. The alchemical flames within and without exist, can be bellowed and do give rise to many interesting objectively noticeable phenomena, such as increased heartrate, very high temperatures and odd flashes visible to the naked, uninitiated eye.

The secret fire, once found is worked upon. Breathing, visualisation, postures, elixirs.

There would not be much point in me catering to a random group of people who happen to read this blog about what exactly the alchemical fire is, as you have either experienced it and been taught how to use it from someone else who knows how to do it, or you haven't. You have either experienced it as a result of certain secret practices, or you haven't.

If you have you will know that the feeling is unmistakable, physical and can be painful, especially as the fire burns away at emotional, spiritual and physical blockages.

I could say that there are four fires who are all summed up in the Green Lion, that the one is the wrath-fire transmited into the love fire and the other one is often the fire from above, through grace, but I might as well say that it is the vitriol that burns away all impurities and solves the gold.
It would therefore not be much help.

Instead: Have you ever started shaking uncontrollably? Had intense emotions resulting in poltergeist fenomena? Has prayer made you sweat? Has your heart beaten so hard you though you were going to die, just because you were concentrating on an energy centre in the body?
Then you might have experienced the lowest manifestations of the lowest fire.

The fires are what is the driving force of the western esoteric tradition. Separately, as the four, rolled into one as the lion or from above as the dove.

I don't get why it can be so hard for intelligent people to realise that maybe, we don't need to borrow, maybe its not syncretism. Maybe (as is the case) there are only a few secret techniques that have focused on one type of work or not and then co-evolved independently from eachother?

There is a reason why Chinese T/Daoism, certain Shinto techniques, western internal alchemy and its outer manifestations such as theurgy all have the same techniques.

Kundalini is not the secret fire. It is a semi-useless sideeffect of it that needs harnessing.
Its there in the blood, so if you suck just bleed on your talisman ;)
(I really would advize against using the other fluid unless you understand WHY it works. Not HOW)

Just look at her face...
There is a reason Crowley expressed it as enflame thyself in prayer, as it is that blissful fire experience that is so umistakeable.

Yet, the techniques that end up kicking you into altered states of consciousness, into sexual bliss are not themselves the fire. They happen because of the fire.

In its purest form, the Fire is of course "life".

So lets call a burning fire a fire. Heat and that very odd thing that differentiates living and non-living. Lets agree that we do have this neat thing that requires to be worked on, not received via random spirits, not borrowed from the East, not created 120 years ago, but something that exists as a timeless technology that different culturally linked, divinely inspired Royal Artists have harnessed preserved and taught, simultaneously in many places.

Remember. Breathe in, breathe out. Like the Elohim whose breath moves upn the face of the water, like the yogi hiding the burning coal in his stomach and like the young alchemist fanning the tiny spark of a flame under the equipment.

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  1. ......excellent, excellent post Frater!

  2. I believe the "secret fire" is in reference to the rousing of the passions of the mind. This has much more to do with neoplatonic theory, as it was rediscovered in the renaissance.
    I don't think the "secret fire" bares much resemblance to the post-Mesmeric spiritual-electromagnetic theory that eventually became popular in modern occultism/theosophy in the west.

    As for the breathing and visualizations...Yes the passions(secret fire) of the mind are stirred by the phantasies(visualizations) per Agrippa and this is the magic that occurs during prayer afterall. But as for some sort of spiritual current shooting forth like lightning from one's fingertips, its just not likely part of the alchemical nor grimoiric tradition that I have found.

    Just my two cents.

  3. OH nevermind I see what you mean.
    When I hear or read the word "energy" I get images of fluffy pagans casting circles or drawing symbols in the air pretending they exist by visualization and movement afterwards in some etheric realm.

    What you are talking/writing about is exactly what I am. Your "Secret fire" directly relates to the passions of the mind. I just have a hard time associating the "Secret Fire" that you are talking about with the word "energy" since that word comes with new age post-mesmeric connotations.

  4. @Frater AIT
    I knew you knew where I was going :)

    @Beneath The firmament
    I don't think we are completely talking about the same thing, just close enough.

    My points are exactly that
    1 we should call the Fire by its western name instead of energy
    2 its not the new age bollocks this refers to
    3 There is nothing neo-platonic about this whatsoever

    The tradition that actually works with what in alchemy is referred to as the secret fire is something that has been taught more or less in unbroken continuation within certain groups. Grimoires as I said in this post and as I make a point of in other posts do not contain any keys to go with the doors they provide, neither do alchemical texts themselves or hermetic texts.

    The people who know always write for others who know. One can Jungianise and analyse and cut one's fingers bloody on the pages of these texts for a lifetime without the necessary yeast given by someone who themselves possess it.

    As for a current shooting fort from ones fingertips>
    The traditions that work and have the secrets of the fire as it were do discuss kindling another's flame. True baptism would not be effective without being able to be a channel that allows the fire of Grace to descend through the person baptising.

    Julius Evola for example, is very clear on the way the inner fires can be used to accomplish changes in outer forms.

    If you ever felt the difference between holding the body or hands of someone you know, or someone you love you will have noticed the difference in the body heat generated. Again, that is the fire stirring in the space between two bodies generated by life and love.

  5. Jag kom precis över denna blogg. Mycket intressant måste jag säga; jag är imponerad över flera av dina slutsatser (även om jag är reserverad till vissa andra). Återkommer med kommentarer när jag har läst mer noggrant och funderat lite. Den höga kvaliteten på ditt material kräver en hel del eftertanke.

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

  6. @Hej T.

    Jag är säker på att det finns saker vi inte kommer hålla med om varandra på min blog.

    Ta min blog med en nypa salt då den är skriven inom en viss modularitet och för ett väldigt specifikt syfte. Inte för att publicera sanna resultat som endast adepter hade förstått ändå.

    Den är lika många delar ett verktyg för att motverka den enorma grepp som svarta draken har om västerländsk magi, speciellt inom bloggosfären, samt skriven med roungue in cheek för mig själv.

    Om vi ska diskutera Sanning och egentliga åsikter så tar jag det mer än gärna via skypa eller msn.

    Hoppas Götet är trevligt.


  7. Care Frater Argent,

    Jag är inte så säker på det [att det finns saker på din blogg jag inte kommer hålla med dig om] (nåväl, kanske småsaker). Jag känner igen ett traditionalistisk hjärta när jag hör det klappa.

    Jag språkar gärna med dig på Skype. Götet är mycket trevligt så här års. Kom gärna ner till Hedniska Konferansen i Göteborg 14:e Maj; jag kommer att hålla i ett föredrag där. Det skulle vara kul att dricka öl med dig igen i samband med detta och prata om gamla minnen :-)

    Broderligen i L.V.X.,

  8. @S.R.

    Jag missar tyvärr konferansen. Helene o Caroline bjöd in mig o tala men eftersom det är terminstid så måste jag vara utomsocknes i England och undervisa små kandidater.

    Jag skall på ett retreat hela nästa vecka men efter det tycker jag deffinitivt vi kan arrangera lite samtal :)

  9. @Argent: Det ser jag fram emot :-)