26 oktober 2010

On Enochian apocalypses (re-posting an old guestpost)

I wrote a comment a few months ago on another blog that turned into a Guest post.
Since I am extremely busy right now, I thought I repost it on my site since I doubt that my readers read the other blog.

The contets are due to the urban legends surrounding the enochian system. If you spend a few minutes googling you will see what I mean.
I am referring to odd ideas that the enochian system is fake, or that it is alien transmissions or that they make you insane when working with them etc etc.

Anyway, enjoy.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have worked with the Enochian system for over ten years now and I have never -ever- experienced the meltdown effect as described by the internet-urban legends abounding.The way I see it is that systems, aside from their specific entities also have an overarching hive-mind, or, if you will, egregore. (Now, there are systems, 200 years older than kaosmagick that also work with egregores so don't dis the concept out right). Each system's egregore, and all egregores for that matter, will have a specific feeling and behavior. At first, the experience will be a mix between your expectations of the egregore and its true flavor. Then, over time, if the practitioner is a mentally balanced person, the true flavor will emerge and the expectation linked experience will pass. Compare this with an European left-wing person traveling to USA the first time after only seeing American sit-coms and you are on the right track, or the projections people do on their loved ones the first 6-12 months in a relationship.

Enochian has a specific feeling because the egregore IS a form of esoteric Christian amalgamation. Esoteric Christians of all eras have understood the end times to be imminent from a myth perspective, because in a way they are, in the same way as the Logos is ever coming ever redeeming, and not a single reborn Christ. That myth image is just as ingrained in the enochian egregore as duality is in gnostic myths. The truth is we are all Christ, as the emergence of the Christ-consciousness during some initiatory processes shows, but this doesn't mean we have also done the work needed to truly support this Christ consciousness. We can get megalomaniacal, or exhibit messiah syndrome or believe that because we understood the one truth by reading page 75 in playboy magazine collected, volume 2, 1975 whilst drinking cappuccino, then that is how everyone else will see the light and we end up a bit odd.
By communicating with the angels of the enochian egregore, we assume the role of someone with a Christ consciousness, and as we know, by faking it you make it. No matter how unbalanced someone is, they will get that sense. If you combine this with a slightly unusual preconception of the egregore projected unto the angels, then you have what some people call the meltdown effect.

As to the nature of the angels, like many practitioners, myself included, usually say that the enochian “angels” are very strange “angels”. However, if we look at how the enochian angels of the tablets behave, feel like and what their place is in the spiritual hierarchy of the 17th century angel mages, we’ll notice that they are what the universe is made of. In Martinez Pasqually’s system they would be the sentient angels who have entered the time-flow and created matter. Even from a non-dualist non-gnostic perspective this makes sense. If we are all inside the mind of God, hermetically speaking, then everything in The Mind of God is a thought and “living” entities. The Angels are thus the sentient building blocks of our reality, prison, or whatever you want to view the world as. Their job is to oversee the universe and they like to talk to us, because they love us and they want to teach us the things they can. The egregore is contactable stupidly easily. You don’t need more then the calls and a tablet on paper to start getting a very powerful connection.Explore and try and see what’s there instead of what I or anyone else says and makes you expect. But keep the context and mythological setting of the system in mind when doing so.

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  1. I think this is the first honest theory about the "meltdown"s. Everything I've happened across to this point has been useless bickering about whether it exists or not, and endless "friend of a friend" stories.

  2. Loved this post the first time I read it too.

  3. @st Balt
    Cheers bro.

    I often say that if you have a theory you should be able to prove it. An open mind in a laboratory environment is all that is needed.