5 oktober 2010

The leap of faith - ramblings

I have students coming to me asking for ultimate truths.

As an academic I cannot give them one. Philosophically there is no ultimate truth, and I would probably loose all standing and my job if I did claim there was one.

How about when it comes to something like Gnosticism. Is there an ultimate gnostic myth?

100 years ago, I could have easily pulled out a copy of a codex that nobody had seen outside of the circle of initiates. I could have let my psychic friend read the text. The text would have been a revelation and We could both agree to work with it.

Today that is not possible, as almost all the different Gnostic myths are out there.

Tha various tantras are translated and sutras as well. Sometimes you will have the hidden wisdom of the Qbl be at odds with the hidden wisdom of a theosophic revelation from Boehme that is at odds with the knowledge transmitted within secret groups.

This can be frustrating and leads people to jump systems and to try and find one ultimate system or truth that somehow is beyond or better then the one they have.
Worse, someone with no clue might try and actually create a synthesized worldview trying to fit Qbl, gnosticism and the worldview offered in the grimoires into one whole.
(I am not saying that a synthesized worldview is wrong, per se, I just question the synthesis being done by someone who doesn't truly grasp the worldviews themselves)

It also becomes a bit strange when QBL and Gnosticism are laid ontop one another, considering they have completely different goals and their explanations as to the why and how are completely at odds with eachother.

It gets very tiring in this (post?)modern world when you are trying to lead someone to realisation and you're almost there when the person suddenly says

"dude, you're teaching me how to rise above the archons... but I read in a different gnostic myth then the one we use that there are 7 archons, not 365 as the text we use. However some of the names are assigned to different beings. which text is right?"


What this actually boils down to is the breaking of the hermetic vessel. There is a reason silence is important, there is a reason mystery schools were progressive and did not give you their last initiation first. There is a reason you cannot be an Aghori and a devout Sufi at the same time. and to hell with what chaosmagick says.

It is not possible to change the references when you are working towards something, especially not with mystical, religious traditions. the number 5 cannot be both the number of Satan and jeheshua, Unless the tradition that says so also claims that these two are the same...
philosophical and logical thinking, have, unfortunately, no place in this scheme. You canot and will not be able to solve this riddle by thinking. It doesn't work. thinkers are psychics, not Gnostics. too much mental wanking only leads you astray on the astral in the well-trodden well designed labyrithns of the Archons.

One thing I have noticed is the lack of faith and the need people have for proof. But, mystical work is completely the wrong tradition in that case! There are tons of magickal and ritualmagickal systems that work by A leads to B leads to C, but this is not quite the same in mystical traditions.

You cannot perform the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola if you do not accept the catholic faith. So how do you expect to be able to pray to Sophia if you consider her to be a formula and not an Eon?

To work with mystical traditions the leap of faith is the single most important tool anyone can have. Without which, there can be no progress.

Does this mean that there is an ultimate Gnostic myth?

Yes. There is. Listen carefully. The only one true gnostic myth is the one you can accept and work wit and that INSPIRES you to perform the leap of faith.

All gnostic myths are true especially the ones that are at odds with eachother, but, theyre not true at the same time. entities may have different names, or a larger concept might be broken down into many smaller ones. Some explanations of the pleroma are simple some are more complex. But that does not matter as long as you work within that tradition.

If your guru, bishop, whatever tells you to do x you do it. S/he is there and hase gnosis you are not. They are Shiva incarnated you are not. You are a Hyllic becomin a Psychic searching for Gnosis. If you are told to eat raw flesh as a vegetarian then that probably has a good initiatory reason that would be completely lost and useless to someone who already is a meat eater.

You can only break a taboo if you have the taboo.

Modern gnosticism, has in almost all cases been changed to relfect a gnosis using the Christian myth. But Gnosticism is not Christian per se, it is Gnostic and Gnosticism existed before the inkarnation birth of the one we call Christ.

But, modern Gnosticism, which is the only gnosticism that can be used by a westerner is Christian.

If you already have faith then there is no problem, then you know for a fact that most religious people are so called Hyllics, they need a rulebased religion and are lost to blind faith based on the interpretations of true gnosis with several intermediaries.

As a psychic you feel that there is more to the world, the universe and everything then what they have explained. you question your faiths dietary requirements. or the fact that your society is so secularised, yet yuo don't feel that any Church quite gets what you get because you have a certainty of God, but the outer (Hyllic) explanations don't quite do it for you.

Beware that you don't misstake the forest for the trees, or the tree for the forest, as, with proper guidance from a Gnostic even completely catholic Christianity can be used as a means of scaling the archons and return to the Pleroma.

What myth is used is only and solely dependent on YOU. what plugs fit. But you have to have the leap of faith, you have to choose a myth knowing that it is a choice, knowing that it is about as important as whether your jaguar is red or orange, but once you chose, see it through.

Car metaphor coming up:

Gnosticism is like wanting to drive to the North Pole.

If you Want to get there you will work towards it. You need to Know there is a north pole and you need to believe that it is possible to get there.

A hyllic will not be certain and care about the north pole as a 10 year olf cares about odd quarks.

Your choice of vehicle only matters, (the vehicle being your Bishop/Guru) but the color of it doesn't matter. Every time you swap one 4 wheel drive for another, you are just swapping cars but not getting there. every time you change GPS (myth) things will look different.

Son, purleahse get into the bloody car and just drive.

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