15 mars 2013

10. The pitfalls of Albedo, prelude

There is one specific thing that can go wrong in the Albedo phase, this is falling into the pit of the Archons.

As the comedian Bill Hicks said:

" And these other musicians today who don't do drugs and in fact speak out against them? Boy, do they suck! What a coincidence! Ball-less, souless, spiritless corporate little bitches, suckers of Satan's cock, each and every one of them. Gnorr. "We're rock stars against drugs cos that's what the President wants." Aw, suck Satan's cock."

We usually have to follow some system to get to the goal. Gnosis is built on Pistis. But Gnosis is not pistis, in fact it destroys Pistis. I am using a non alchemical language structure in this article, even though I am talking about alchemy. Trust me. This is easier to follow than if I was to talk about the 7 metals, their oxidisation and corrosiveness and splendour...

With Gnosis I do not mean the watered down ideas presented to the english speaking world of armchair magicians by the only people actually doing something in the UK that could be described as magic, aside from Psycick Television. No sir. I am talking about the true Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom that comes. The certainty, not faith, that you have when you open your eyes and see exactly what you expect to see there; The world. The knowledge that is as  steadfast as the truth that 2 pebbles placed in an empty bowl are 1 pebble and another pebble, becoming two pebbles. 

Why is this difficult? Because Pistis is linked to the Moon and Gnosis is linked to the Sun, thus the Body of Silver needs faith to come into being, yet, there is nothing for the one who has been reborn in the pleroma to believe in, since there is no-thing to believe in since something either is, or is not.
Without Faith, without conviction no act is possible, no system workable. Indifference is often just as bad as active disbelief or belief.

Belief doesn't have to be complicated.  You are constantly being told what to believe. There are constantly symbols and images, signs and signifieds being fed into your mind. these symbols then create belief.

From one point of view, the point of view that is almost impossible to understand unless you have it, nothing is real. Reality is a lie that we constantly weave together. Why am I then not willing to throw myself over the balcony and fly to safety?
Because I believe in gravity. I believe on all levels that I want to stay on this mudball flying through the vacuum of space. I expect my blood to pump the correct way. Not only this but for every second of my life I have been conditioned and have been in constant feedback with the world, proving to me that this is true. 
Not just me. This is done to all sentient incarnated beings upon this Earth. The odds are kind of stacked against me here.

I am not certain I have touched upon this before or not, and I do not intend to go off on a rant. Just to mention that no matter what popular belief is. This is the reason folk magic works so well. Its language is based on symbols that you are already familiar with.

When you are visiting  a friend and asked to open the main door for the next guest, what is your instinct? Is it to say "enter" ala science fiction films, to pick up your iPhone and press the door opener or is it to look for a doorknob/to twist the key?
I somehow doubt that you were looking for a mercury symbol or an eight pointed star...

I digress.

Point being that it is very hard to give up our beliefs in light of the truth, especially when the truth is presented to us using the symbols we are familiar with and that we have worked so hard to internalise.
You will never be able to know the mystery in an unmediated way because of the way our cognition works. However it is possible to experience and understand it on a meta-level.

The moment we assume the map is the territory we have immediately fallen into the trap of the Archonts.

However, if we use the structure as leverage and not as a prison, then we see the other face of the archons, wherein is the mystery hidden why some call the planetary forces the Archons of the Demiurge and why some believe that they are the Elohim.

The Solar mystery revealed is a vindictive, elusive, mercurial thing. The Sun, who is the son is also the father, the Logos is the Mind.
In your understanding of the Sun therefore strive to leave the sun behind for the mystery of the one thing to reveal itself to you.

This is very, very hard to accomplish on your own. The highest initiations/empowerments and work can only ever go as far as the Lesser countenance. But in this meeting you need to delve deeply into what the meeting means on all levels. This can only be done if you have already loosened the Archontic structures, prior to the ultimate initiation. This in turn can only happen if you have internalised all that you used to externalise and externalise the internal. Through this, projections are removed. In Mystery cults, such as the cults for Flame and the Solar mysteries this is often easy to do if we keep remembering that the light of the moon ultimately comes from the sun. Therefore we seek correspondences. Hence why mercury is the metal mercury, or quicksilver, why it is the spirit, why it is the breath, why it is the planet always next to the sun why it is the Ancient Ice and why it is the water and the Tree.

Always remember the Smaragdine tablet for therein is the key, the start and the end of the work.
If we forget this one truth we fall into the pits of division, if one thing is true i our experiments then it is true.

I'd wager that enough has been said for those with eyes to see to avoid falling into the traps of their own making.

Remember o Israel, the Lord is your God and the Lord is One.

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