17 maj 2012

6 Why Adepts are hated

Having looked at hints about the Royal Path and in some detail about Sorcerous and Sacerdotal paths, it seems relevant to highlight some issues that arise.

One of the problems with the Royal Path is that it starts at one or both of the midpoint intersections of the sorcerous and sacerdotal paths. Sometimes, though this is one in thousands, the student might enter upon the Royal Path when the teacher did not intend this to happen, or wasn't even aware that it could happen. This is the case where the student has an innate psychological, karmic, or other bullshit reason for this to happen. The student is lost, believes hirself to be the first person to realise the truth behind the path and can not find any guidance in what to do with herself. The student the rises above the teacher and with hir newfound Royal Blood claims the inheritance that is hir due.

Most of us would want to say at this point that we are the 1 in thousands and isn't that great? ;) (cough hybris)

There are three cases we can look at where this happens. Now, I am not using these examples because I think any higher of them than other examples, but instead because I think they may be more useful to my readers. We have a version where the new wanderer on the path uses his understanding, one where the wanderer instructs with philosophy in absolute antinomianism and one where the wanderer believes himself the be unique.

If we assume that the story of Jesus is based on something real, and he wasn't the incarnation of some cosmic consciousness, just someone who managed to reclaim his divine status, then his life brings us  to a decent example. A learned and very devout jewish man, follower of the ideas of the baptist has a realisation. Based on his first steps upon the Royal Path,  as a true anointed one, he builds upon and around his culture and in some cases takes on an antinomian position to Judaism. Just think how odd his views very in comparison to the status quo. The will amongst the people to have him executed is very understandable from their point of view.

Think of Gautama Buddha. In thailand there are several images of him in his form of a skeletal ascetic. This is because they believe that G started his journey towards enlightenment using yoga and other established practices. Once he became enlightened he set out on a path of least resistance that could help others understand that which he had.

Look at poor Uncle Al. Born and raised with Victorian ideals and christian mindfucks, completely giving himself over to the teachings of the Golden Dawn, and as a 5-6 being catapulted into the Royal Path when receiving his understanding of it. Believing himself to have understood something noone before him understood, he wished for a system that was about as subtle as a penis sticking out from a forehead. 

More often the slight ego inflation that the above people experienced when they went off to start their own thing doesn't happen as, there is a "person" who has been overlooking the process and can cushion the effects of the enlivening blood as it awakens in the new King/Queen.

However, from the point of view of any of the paths, be it the sorcerers or the sacerdotal's, the Royal Path, the Warrior's path looks wrong. The sorcerer will not understand the flaunting of the rules and the  work towards liberation, as it will seem much to much as the sacerdotal path disguised as sorcery. Similarly, the sacerdotal path view it as sorcery disguised as religion.

The theurge breaks taboo and the gods love him for it. The theurge follows religions that are completely contradictory. The theurge prescribes the chaste man to become a prostitue and the Harlot to become God's chosen dame knight.

The theurgic supercelestial work functions both above and below the normal operational levels of the sacerdotal and sorcerous paths, flaunting the blinds in the systems and seeing all for what it is.

The universe simplifies into a single undivisible truth wherein the mystery of all is revealed. Sorcerous feats become possible that most sorcerers would not dream of as true, whereas certain skills that are simple yet that require highly specialised training might never manifest. The theurge is always and constantly in the knowledge Dharmakaya, in the presence and of it. becoming Christeos truly with what that actually entails.

How can this wo/man not be hated of s/he is open about it? Where a priest sees secrets and esotericism because the religion requires initiations, the Royal Warrior sees a dead end, where sorcerers become enamoured by the 9999 secret names the recitations of which will cause something to happen the Theurge understands to be a way to instil belief  in the belief system so the sorcerers own will can accomplish the change, whereas in a simple flower that is trampled by the sorcerer and priest alike, the United King and Queen of the world sees all of creation reflected.

This is all very interesting and well, however we are talking about this on a blog and in text, so any understanding gleaned from this only established a projected understanding of "so" and only the kings and queens amongst us are quietly thinking "not so".

When your entire magickal or religious belief system is looked at by someone as a joke or misstake in understanding its lifegiving essence and you are told that there is a real way of understanding it and it is such and such or that your current path won't lead you anywhere... surely you'd get pissed off too?


Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking.
Why else would the springtime falter?
Why would all our ardent longing
bind itself in frozen, bitter pallor?
After all, the bud was covered all the winter.
What new thing is it that bursts and wears?
Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking,
hurts for that which grows
                         and that which bars.
Yes, it is hard when drops are falling.
Trembling with fear, and heavy hanging,
cleaving to the twig, and swelling, sliding -
weight draws them down, though they go on clinging.
Hard to be uncertain, afraid and divided,
hard to feel the depths attract and call,
yet sit fast and merely tremble -
hard to want to stay
                    and want to fall.
Then, when things are worst and nothing helps
the tree's buds break as in rejoicing,
then, when no fear holds back any longer,
down in glitter go the twig's drops plunging,
forget that they were frightened by the new,
forget their fear before the flight unfurled -
feel for a second their greatest safety,
rest in that trust
                   that creates the world.

Karin Boye, translation by David McDuff

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