13 april 2012

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

The blog has been suffering because I have had more pressing matters to attend to than to write blogposts. I have also been to busy with physical spiritual work and my actual job. There are, however still some things I'd like to get out there on the 'net. It will most likely drown in the sea of chaos and disinformation and misinformation out there, but as has been proven to me, I have made a difference to a handful of true seekers out there.

The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions. I do not think for a second that the many blogs, books and websites spread bad information on purpose. I also don't think that orders religions and do it yourself groups do it on purpose. People are people and want to share what they have, and once in awhile make money off of it. There's no shame in that. I sincerely hope that it helps those who need that kind of help. At the same time, some information is blatantly wrong and can create problems for those who sincerely seek that which a publication says it can give them. In the day and age of the internet it is as easy to spread all manner of information, whether it is right or wrong. A hacked wikipedia page will result in a lot of strange facts handed in on essays in schools and altered views amongst most people.

Therefore, without further delay I shall present certain things as they have been handed down to me, experienced by me and others who have come before me the past, oh I don't know, few thousand years. Many will disagree and thats their prerogative.

I will state things and provide any and all background needed when appropriate. There are about 15 or so posts being written up and will probably be published with a few weeks between them. After this I shall probably take another break, publishing a book that will be available in hardcopy for money and softcopy for free. Its my usual modus operandi under a different pen-name and has worked very well for the poorer versus richer parts of the world.
If you have a question whilst reading any of the posts that you want to ask but don't want it published here then include your email in the comments and I will email you.

For those who want to speak openly about alchemy, from an Inner Perspective, you can tell me "why does the lady on the tarocard of the path of Judgement smile".
Or, basically, make it clear to me that you have what you need to have in order to be able to talk about our mercury.

2 kommentarer:

  1. So, if I can demonstrate that I understand your interpretation of the symbolism of a tarot card, which was hammered into an occult symbol by Levi and applied in 1855 to a model of the Tree of Life worked out by Kircher in the 1650s, that will prove I have the experience to talk to you about a system developed and practiced 1300 years before?

    Seems Legit.

    1. Aww cute. Those in possession of the royal secret can use whatever symbolism designed whenever in time to explain and to prove their argument from "My little pony" to Splendor Solis.
      This is why adepts at all times have been able to tell puffers from real alchemists.

      If you don't have anything useful to say feel free to refrain from saying it. What is it they say, silence is golden, and if you don't understand the expression tongue in cheek then you need revisit the mercury sphere?