2 augusti 2011

It must be an angel

There is a fad among postmodern internet occult celebrities and their students to claim having achieved the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

This operation, which according to a published grimoire takes 6-18 months depending on the specific version of the published versions you read, they accomplish in much less time.

Of course they do. You see, Crowley himself said that the achievement of the HGA is the first step, then we are talking.
And uncle Al is always right, isn't he? Except when he mixes up about 4-5 different concepts, refers to them as one thing and then, keeps changing his mind.

Crowley is, in his published writings unnable to distinguish between his understanding of the mystery of being, the revelation of his (lesser) solar mystery, the beginnings of his Citrinitas phase, his initial contacts with what is a Holy Guardian Angel and Solar consciousness.
This is why he has several completely different methods for attaining unto it (whatever it is at that point he is referring to with the same word :S)

Now, as we know after having read previous posts on this blog, there is more to the western tradition then the Netultists* think.

You see, I happen to have access to a few** manuscripts that are a few hundred years old belonging to various Traditions*** that aim to perform similar things.

It is not impossible to find one of the bastardised versions of the Arcana Arcanorum online. I leaked one myself about 6 years ago that I got from a friend, because the person I know who is one of the people in charge of the masonic currents that hold the keys to the A.A. and thus knows his thing claimed: that A.A. document is about as effective as mixing coke, cola nuts and fizzy water and calling it coca cola. I happen to agree, knowing what I know so I thought it wouldn't hurt.
Anyway, point being even with the bastardised version floating around online you will quickly realise that whoever was meant to receive that document probably worked through the system that it belongs to.

Now, last I checked the A.A. belongs to the Memphis Misraim Rite that only starts to hand out the real deal from the degrees above 50. (not counting some of the cool angelology in the lower scottish rite degrees). So, whoever is receiving the papers should by this point be a Master Mason, with other degrees, manifest those in real life and have quite a few years under his or her belt in the system, living with it day in and day out. THEN you undertake the operation underlined in the A.A. after receiving the initiations**** for it.

Aside from the fact that the books out there do not come with keys and are thus impossible to decypher, these things take time because the process takes time.

I can get you a contact with your angel in 3 hours. You can experience solar consciousness after 3 days of fasting or sleep-deprivation. Hell get some illegal substances and get it in a few minutes. You can experience non-dual awareness by accident. But these things are not the same thing as what happens when you have built yourself a vessel.

A bad example but one worth mentioning anyway is: That when Mathers and co shaped, modernised and innovated and made workable a lot of the raw data out there, because they had the keys to do so, they choose to place the Abramelin work in the 5=6 grade. Now, why would they do that?

It is remarkably easy to have a subpersona masquerade as an entity. To have a random being pretending to be your Holy Guardian Angel. To spend years and years devoting yourself to something you think will free you from the world or make you into something keeeewl.

Truth is, its not gonna work, its fake.
I don't doubt that cool effects come out of this, heck I don't doubt that some of the Netultist stuff has effect. But, it's not the same thing as what is really meant by achieving the Knowledge and conversation with your holy guardian angel.

To get back to the GD version, as that will be the one most people are actually familiar with. This is Crowley's lifetime version:
You spend X time going through from neophyte to juniorus adeptus minor. This would have taken, about 5-6 years, or so. Possibly 3-4 if you push it. So then you undergo certain operations in the Adeptus minor grades to work through certain things.
Then, you'd be ready to perform the Abramelin operation*****, which actually ONLY makes sense in the context of what you have undergone. Hmm. Odd.

* I am making up a new word. Netcultist. it stands for any wannabe magician who has learned their stuff online, from books online, from books only and is too busy reinventing the wheel.

This goes from people reading a few books on Hoodoo calling themselves conjurers, readers of grimoires who think they represent some long dead tradition that needs reviving as if it died, puffers who know about as much about alchemy as I know about airline traffic management followers of 'traditions' that are about 10 years old, any witches who think there has been a surviving cult of anything they have been initiated into (sami-shamans on my mothers side of the family are exceptions) but you know who you are and other wankers who are the magician equivalent of protestant christians but instead of fucking with the Bible are discarding minimum 3000 years of oral teachings and think they can do it better.

In short, New + net + occultists+ cultists

**when I say few, I mean many

***Those things with history that have survived because their bullshit works, not because its popular

**** Initiations are those cool things that actually work by making you a living link in a Tradition that is alive. They also prepare you in various ways and make it possible for you to do certain things that it would be completely impossible to do without the initiation. For the netultists out there, this is the traditional version of getting an internet subscription.

***** You didn't really think that The Abramelin Operation is written by Mr Worms who just accidentally published a holy ancient ritual for the fun of it? You DO know that the Abramelin operation is merely a look-alike-rip of some more secret papers out there?
Ooops. I did it again, didn't I?

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  1. Is just initiation enough? I don't think that is what you are getting at, but there are people being initiated by schmucks etc. Initiation or otherwise where does one start if they are a little disconcerted by reading the meta-puke of Crowley.

  2. @Lux Infinitas

    It honestly depends on what it is you are after. If you want to learn practical magick, talking to spirits, spells, that kind of thing you can read a lot, there are stuff online, even though its better to learn from someone.

    If you really want to attain the HGA, as it is actually meant, then you need to undergo a process. Initiation itself is of course not enough and it is not really a requirement either. it is not some secret version of the papers that will get you the contact, its simply being in the right egregore and the oral traditions and guidance that will do it.

    You need to start at the right end of the journey, the KCHGA is one of the end results, Gnosis, the stone of the Wise, regeneration etc being the other ones.

    I would fix your life situation so that it can handle anything that comes, then start by developing a relationship to the divine etc.

    But honestly, you don't -need- the KCHGA unless you really seek to be in contact with a messenger of God and have your will united with the will of the infinite.

    You can find information about the HGA if you study Early gnosticism, valentinian mythology and the idea of the Aeons linking to souls.

  3. Very interesting, I will investigate this. Thank you, for your response and this blog in general.