16 juli 2011

Evocation is not...

I find it interesting to see how many ways people manage to use items in ways they were not meant to be used.

Steak-knives as screwdrivers, ice-picks as murder-weapons, and high-heel shoes as hammers, you name it.

If you know what you are doing then it is all good and well. You know that a hammer is better them pumps to get those nails in. You know a rapier works better then an ice-pick. You are well aware that a screwdriver won't mess up your screws the way unscrewing them with a knife does.

There are a lot of people who have experimented using the seals of entities from various grimoires as means of empowering magick.

Now, from many perspectives this is extremely smart magick. Not good, per se, but smart.
The tradition the grimoires come from believes that symbols, seals and names and that which they represent or name is the same thing.


Bear the word

this photo

and a real bear, they are really all the same thing.

So if we are going to be careful to not perform cultural rape let us not forget that there is a western tradition that even 90% of those who claim to follow it aren't even initiated into.

From the point of view of the tradition that the grimoires belong to this is what happens with the example of the bear.

If you use the symbol to just communicate with the bear you are basically standing at the entrance of its cave shouting things and probably smelling it or seeing its eyes or shadow, but the bear remains in the cave.

If you use the seal to empower magick, say as a chaosmagician you use the seal, or maybe you want to use the seal so you burn it and add it to a bag of talismans. What are you actually doing from the point of view of the Tradition?

Well, let's say your goal is t get the bear to go to a clearing and scare away some pesky dogs hat are disturbing your picnic. (And you forget watching Yogi Bear and don't consider he will steal your pic-a-nic basket)

So, you can sit down with the sigil and communicate
::You shout roughly towards the cave:::

you evoke the bear
::You go to the cave, show it your Bear-paw authority card instruct it in what to do and walk back with it and then see it chase away the dogs, but maybe steal your basket as well::

you do what chaoists, hoodooists and members of the Tradition Grimoires belong to do with a seal
::You sneak into the cave, collect some of the bears hair and shit, maybe grab its paw and then you take all this into the clearing and use it to scare the dogs away with::

Ok, I realise my metaphor is a bit strained. Point is though, using the seals without involving the entity is smart.

1 you don't have to deal with the entity directly, unless it wakes up
2 often you simply just believe more in your own magick and the seal doesn't do squat
3 you get all the benefits from accessing the entity but,hopefully none of the downsides

Why its not really Good magick?
well, firstly, the "Bear" might wake up. He won't like that you shaved him to use his hair. Also, he might actually be friends with the dogs you chased away, and if he would have been woken up and asked nicely he would not have agreed. Guess what happens next time you try and sneak into his cave?

Maybe he really likes what you did and wants you to do more of what you did. Shaving is hard Guess what happens next time you sneak into the cave? Will there always be dogs waiting?

The tradition the grimoires come from has much better, efficient and powerful images that can be used instead of the demonic seals.
The images of the decans, the 28 mansions just to give an example

People often don't know how to properly use the symbols. Guys, in the same way as most of you would not feel comfortable walking into a Voudu peristyle in rural Haiti and then dumping a frozen chicken unto a veve in the middle of a fete, stealing some of the corn for use in rituals and then escaping (doubt you would live through this, but lets pretend, eh?) it might be smart knowing that certain signatures would never, ever have been used on their own.

So if you want to print the seal of varcas on a candle you are burning, if you are creating a talismanic bag with items in it relating to a force and you really think that dumping the sigil of a demonic entity in there is what is needed to enhance the spell, by all means do it.

But be aware that it might be considered rude by the entity.

Oh, and never, ever use the heptameron seals without their angelic supervisors. It is not a safety measure, the entity works in symbiosis. You will not get the result you want because you are trying to use a half of a whole.
I know you can get results but trust me, its better with the whole.

Or you could just print and eat every single one of the 72 goetic seals from lemegeton.
Oh, charge them with a mix of sperm and your blood first then eat them.


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