19 juni 2011

The house metaphor

Imagine being in a house.
You are surrounded by servants, parents, family and a massive garden.

This is the world. Your parents the butler and everyone here are symbols for various forces.
If you break a vase you might get told off.
When your parents are away maybe the Butler is allowed to punish you by confining you to your room.

The servants the Butler, your parents and the rules you have are simply there to protect you as a child. If you never grow up you will need to follow these rules.
When various steps in your spiritual journey arise you might have various ways of dealing with your situation.

1 You could run away from home. Escape. If you succeed good luck, but if you go back you will be punished. (reincarnation.... )

2 If you fail and you are found out you will be put under closer scrutiny

3 You can make yourself invisible to the staff. This is in a way the mystery of mysticism. You don't bring attention to yourself and can mostly get away with things as long as you don't overstep your boundaries.

4 You could enter various savoury and unsavoury contracts with different members of the staff or possibly bring in staff from the outside that are on your side

4 you can simply, grow up.

as a grown up, you'll realise that the nasty Butler who had the power to punish you will politely nod and bring you tea and cakes when you snap your fingers and the house will be a home you rule as its rightful heir instead of a prison.

I'm sure you can translate the metaphor into spiritual practices for yourself.

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