17 april 2011

Lodges and Groups

My oh my.

This post started out as a single sentence in my head.

"People who believe that lodges are not needed are exactly what has caused the creation of useless orders and people working alone are the biggest fools around infecting others with their crazy ass ideas."

Phew. That needs a lot of unpacking. Even though it really sums up this post.

"People who don't think orders are needed are what has caused the creation of useless orders."

What is the biggest problem in the western esoteric tradition today? It is that the idea "we are all entitled to our opinion" has spread to the most idiotic level. As someone who studies highschool Newtonian physics actually doesn't understand physics as practiced today by real physicists, the same is true for most people studying Western traditions.

Yet highschool students are not allowed to publish academic papers on Physics.
This same rule doesn't apply to Joe "ceremonial magician" who writes books (75% of which has been published a million times).

(the section called the painful truth)
People who "do their own thing" are most often deluding themselves and living in some mass- hallucination they share with their fellow semi-followers of that tradition.

This is what happens when you visit some random smelly member of say, The O.T.O. who thinks he has recreated the true A.A. system as outlined in LIBER ABA and has been working with Enochiania for the past 10 years. you walk into the room and it looks very magicky. Its dark and draped in velvet. But the room doesn't feel like anything. He then picks out a wand and asks you to feeeeeel the power in it.

Do you comply? Well if you think you are the latest incarnation of magick self-creation then you will because you want him to reinforce your own delusion.

The same is true of a "Martial Artist" teaching Chi punches yet can't do it to the interviewer who is trying to find out if its fake or not.

I have had my black belt for 10 years now. I have competed on an international level. I'm friends with an aikido master who is retirenment age and one of the best Europeans at this gig. A few years ago I wanted to try out his Chi talk. I went at him when he touched me I was touched on the inside, like a switch had been pushed. He managed to evade me, several times.

I have also met people who claim all sorts of fun titles in other martial arts, but when asking them for a friendly bout of MMA they get their asses handed to them, bleeding. Why?
Because what they do is not actually working, it is play acting. (University aikido anyone?)

Do I think that a man who has spent his life in Haiti and has been a Houngan for 30 years is in touch with the same spirits that random Chaosmagician woman in London is whose calling herself a Bokor? Of course not. Because if Houngan send his dead after you or asks his Legba to mess you over, trust me you will be living on the streets in no time. If Ms Bokor in London does the same, maybe you'll catch a cold. (oh, noes, echinacea is so expensive).

When singular practitioners, lost in the astral mists try and teach, they give rise to followers. They have created a system that leads no where as it has been something they have been doing instead of working with the actual Western Tradition (the royal art).

Crowley created the A.A. and what a successful system it is (cough cough)

Regardie, that oathbreaking liar, broke his oaths and published the GD system. What did that lead to? Aside from creating a bunch of Orders and Groups whose only claim to the system was that they read from the books and understood even less of the system he did.

I could take the texts from the Swedish System of freemasonry and start to initiate people in my living room. Would that truly make them freemasons?

Chaoites who are chaosmagicians yet were nowhere near the IOT in its heyday.

So what is dangerous about doing your own thing? Why am I so up in arms about it?

To be honest, as long as you have the Gift and you are only doing material or sublunar work then it is fine, no harm done. You have your intuition and as long as you can accomplish objective stuff you should be fine. The spirits will teach you. This is how its done in many, many living traditions today.

If you are great streetfighter and can take down anyone, you might want to codify what you are doing, see if you can teach it (often you can't) and then go with it, or not as the case may be.

What is dangerous is when a Highschool student working from a Newtonian physics point of view is trying to teach quantum theory to University students.

When I was about 10 or so, one of my friends mother was dying from lungcancer. She was such a lovely lady. She learned aromatherapy and was very much into "healing". One day she asked me if I believed in God. "Do you?" was my reply.

She said she didn't have to believe she knew, "I'll show you something"

She then took my hand. I felt like I was spinning. Then she smiled and the spinning sensation changed directions. she did this a few times.

I was not pretending, I was not expecting anything.

That is evidence. Proof. If they can prove their theories then go ahead, start your own school. However when claiming to follow something and then not doing so is simply lying.

Not cool.

To jump back into a metaphor

Inside this Matrix world there are rules, both on the visible level and the coding level.
You can mess around with that either using a system you have been taught or by the inborn gift of being the one (say there are many the ones)

But to undertake work whose sole intention is to unplug you from the matrix so you can be free and then unplug you from your physical body as well so you can exist both inside the matrix and outside it as pure consciousness needs to be done by someone who has done that themselves.

Otherwise you just end up in zion, eat crap and realise that Trinity isn't as hot outside the Matrix as she is inside it. Maybe the world outside the Matrix is also another matrix?

So, everytime someone complains about the evil nasty big orders and lodges what are they actually complaining about?

Is it an organisation started by someone who thought the same thing they did? "I don't need teachers, I can do my own thing?"

Ohyes. or because they are afraid of the truth and realizing that pretending to do magick isn't the same as doing magick.

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