5 augusti 2010


We expect everything to happen immediately, or not happen at all. When someone hasn't developed those sixpack abs in 2 weeks, they stop exercising. You only have black belt? I thought you've been doing this stuff since you were six!


We are used to everything being at the other end of our screens. Today, it is cheaper to fly from Germany to Austria then to take the train. Why? Because its only 45 minutes. Sure the actual flight is 20, then the rest is taxi and circulating due to airflight traffic controll, then we don't even count the check in etc. Still people choose the low-cost flights.

Culture has led us to believe that everything that is worth having is worth having immediately, or to forever aspire too, but never attain.

This is extremely unconstructive, especially for those seeking the solution of the great secret or bettering themselves through the use of magick.

No single ritual will turn you around from an abusive self-centered short tempered asshole into a saint.

Working with a system that has a spiritual purpose will always entail psychological changes as well. Now, these changes will not be as effective as real psychotherapy, because it is not the purpose of any system.

Now, lets assume you work with Venus in its transcendent form. You contemplate the meaning of 'Love', you are in contact with venereal entities like the Archangel Hanael and Hathoor. You call upon the forces of venus mediated by gods, or try and access it through natural magick. I wonder how much you can surround yourself with fresh flowers and imagery suggetsive of love in its carnal and transcendental imagery before you actually succeed. What next?

Will you still be able to hate you neighbour? Will you have a problem with self-sacrifice?

By contemplating what is outside and how the universe works we are to understand and comprehend our own nature. Most people are just incapable of seeing their own errors.

This is why a process takes time. It is meant to take time, but you are always meant to work towards it.

My favourite example is the Abramelin operation. I've heard the most idiotic comments about this Grimoire and its effects.

Most commonly people assume that the purpose of the operation is to get in contact with your Holy guardian angel, then to evoke the demons of hell to bind them to you.

This is why some people believe that this can be achieved in 2 months. "Hey, I reached my knowledge and conversation in 2 weeks!" and Some people believe that It is impossible, it should come at the end of a lifetime of work.

Both these camps are wrong, mainly because they missunderstand the spirit of the text and have very little to go on except for the written text.

What the Abramelin Operation actually is meant to do that I am allowed to say:

1 To get you permanently changed so you may be a worthy vessel for the contact with an angelic entity

2 To allow the solar consciousness (using the correct terminology here) to manifest as a result of the working and the advice from your Angel

3 To allow contact the most dark "demonic entities" and have them also be apart of your world.

Now, why can't this be done after 2 weeks and Why is this operation (and simillar ones such as the Arcana Arcanorum and the work of the Elus Cohen) at the end of systems instead of the beginning?

A You need to have the correct worldview to actually have whatever symbolism the "abramelin operation" or its other high degree relatives synthesised and made into your Paradigm, in the correct, non Kaos Magick use of the term.

B You need to be a skilled magician (priest, memfis mizraim initiate) enough to be able to pull off the operation and not just delude yourself

C The operation needs you to have a fully evolved Lunar Consciousness present. This takes 5-10 years of work to develop. (Being a deacon in catholic church and attending every mass and living as a Christian fully counts, as do the outer orders)

D You need the time to prepare yourself for this change, the you NEED to fullfill the need for absolute ISOLATION. You CANNOT perform the Abramelin in your house with your significant other. you hae to get away ALONE to be fully and utterlt ALONE and not part of the everyday world. This means you Have to have about a months of vacation away, alone planned in. You cannot CHANGE if you are with the person who know you the most and is constantly expecting you to confirm to their expectations. Sorry.

This also means that you need to have the quality of life where this is doable. If you sincerely need the operations and you have Lunar consciousness then God/the Universe and You will together be able to pull this off.

E There is more to the Knowledge and Conversation then being able to speak to a Solar angelic entity. If you give me 3 days I can give you a contact with your angel and you'll be able to speak to it and it will reply. This is not the K and C of the HGA. This is a contact with the HGA, which I urge EVERYONE to seek as nothing will be able to guide you better and inspire you more then your solar angel. But this is not that of which the Abramelin and other transformative systems speak of.

Let that which takes time take its time. But do not be lazy. Nothing is stopping you from starting to develop a relationship with your Saints, God(s) your angel. You do not need any operation to talk to your angel. You do not need an abramelin operation in 20 years to talk to it NOW. To ask for advice in dreams and just speaking to it.
But Give Caesar what is Ceasars and God what is Gods.

You can be a good fighter but you will not have a black belt, its not quite the same. It shouldn't stop you from competing though.

The Abramelin, the Arcana Arcanorum etc take time. They are meant to. They are also meant to be at the end of a period of the development of the lunar self.

So, think of the difference between John Doe reading the Abramelin 1995 or a Devout orthodox jewish man receiving it after 15 years of being a man and able to lead a prayer and you will bet my point.

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  1. You know this post hits the nail on the head. I think in contemporary western culture, and especially in the spiritual supermarket people are lead to think believe they can have instant anything. Instant enlightenment, instant results, instant initiations, instant insight. Like instant coffee - most other instant things aren't as good or authentic as stuff that takes good old fashioned time.

  2. I just got reminded that there is an order that claims to give Astral initiations as well.

    maybe I should add: Not only do thinsg take time, you have to be there for them! ;P