20 juni 2010

We need to understand what we have

IWhy do we not grasp that we have several fully functioning initiatory systems in the west?

Even though I see nothing wrong with eastern systems or diaspora religions and i work in some of them, it does make me flinch when I realise that it is not interest or a leaning that causes people to work with those systems, it is a perceived lack of depth in systems derived from europe.

Are we really this damaged? Is there such a lack of self confidence in the west?
(This is a rhetorcial question. Statistics and experts claim yes. 20 5 of people don't even trust their own sense of smell/taste and pour out milk if the sell-by date has passed)

Without turning this into a hate blog against Englishultism (orders derived from systems in Aaaanglia), I think that english systems are to blame for quite some of this, say 30%, dropouts from real traditions that then set up shop in USA are to blame for the other 30% and the other 40% is that we have lost touch with our roots of hermeticism gnosticism and alchemy and we are mostly unaware of the differences between a gentlemen's club with initiations and the storehouses into the great western mystery traditions that one can gain initiations into.

Thanks holy mother church for dumbing down the west for nearly 2000 years and pretending that serious philosophy was blasphemy.

Save us Sophia from the Demiurge :D

Thanks uncle Al for making everyone think that all secret orders are dead and should be replaced by your oh so functional order. Tell me again, how many people have become adepts using this system again?

May our feet guide us away from thelemic orders into ones that actually teach us that which Uncle Al failed to perceive.

Thanks random A-hole who after getting 1 out of 30 initiations made up the rest and set up mailorder Orders in the States.

I am certain, absolutely certain, that there is one hell reserved for people who claim you can get a black belt-become a priest-understand martinism by paying 50$ and reading an initiation text via a letter.

I just want every sincere seeker out there to know:

Yes, we also have the big guns.
We also have the techniques systems and secrets.
Yupp, you can actually get the same shite here as there.

Nope, you do not have to work with western systems. But you CAN if you WANT TO and there is no reason to look elsewhere because "it doesn't exist in the western system".

Just look under the bloody, brittish, thelemic, theosophic fake tip of the iceberg and see the massive mountain underneath.

-Did I just read a few hundred comments about the west not having access to the same truths and initiations that shamans-tantrikas santeros etc do and how lost we here in europe are?
yes I did and I'm not inpressed.

We've ALSO got the power, people.

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  1. Greetings - I just stumbled upon your blog this morning and I think it is one of my favorites.

    So, being a guy from the States that has been struggling to make sense and find the (or an) authentic Western tradition, can you offer any advice?

    How do I find it? Browsing the New Age section isn't helping any. ;-)

    I have currently resigned myself to the study of the Tarot in the manner prescribed by Paul Case. It has been revealing, for sure, but how does one who really wants to find the way find it?

  2. @Michael

    Thank you for the cudos.
    Re pointing in the right direction sure, just drop me an email addy via a comment I won't publish and I will give you some suggestions once I Know what exactly you are looking for.