27 april 2010

Financial Magick

How to get rich.
How do I manifest bricks of gold?
How do I get get X?

You work for it.*
I am seriously getting slightly perplexed by the current blogsphere obsession. What is wealth, how to have enough money?

My question is "How lazy are you"

Spend less. Earn more. If you live in the western world, in most cases you have nobody to blame but yourself. Is cooking at home such a chore? Is it simpler ordering food everyday?

One of my co-workers is struggling with money. I don't understand this as we are on exactly the same pay.

Holdon, I can understand it.

She buys breakfast on the way to work.
She buys 2-3 energy drinks.
she buys 1-2 bottles of water instead of using the water dispenser.
She either brings a ready meal from the local supermarket or buys something from the expensive canteen.
Then on the way home from work she buys food in the fastmarket rather than the supermarket that is a bit further away but has cheaper food. (same brand)

On my last count this means that she is 300-400 euro short every month compared to me.

Strange how her choices affect her life.

Some people want a free ride. I know someone who was so busy trying to get off the rat-race that he ended up failing college and dropping out. Now he has sold tiles for the past 5 years. Way to get off the rat-race, huh?

If you want to be self-employed you have to work towards that.
If you want to have a self sufficient farm you need to work to get there and be able to stay there.
Animals don't feed themselves you know.
You have to WORK for whatever you do. Action - consequence.

Your angel is NOT just going to show up. You will not be able to sit down and experience bliss without learning to meditate. You will stay fat unless you eat better and exercise.
You will not meet girls/boys unless you walk out your door and actually meet human beings.

There are ways you can get a ride. But it won't be free. Live off your parents or partner. Unless they are wealthy you are fucking them over. If they're wealthy now you'll be fucked if they die.

A lot of people in the esoteric community are simply unnable to deal with life. Whatever bullshit reasons they have for it... that is what it boils down to.

here are my three magickal secret techniques to help if you feel the world is a harsh place.

Learn to deal with life.
-Life tough and sometimes we have to struggle to put food on our table, other times we can buy friends an expensive lunch in a restaurant.

Learn to manifest.
-If you want something, do things towards that end!

Grow up.
-Nobody will take care of you but yourself.

Once this is done, most magick helping you to get a job, better paid jobs etc will come easier.

(People forget that Karma is real, in a way.
If you spend your money on champagne you won't have money to save up for a winter coat. If you never cook, you are choosing to spend money on restaurants. If you can barely survive, getting a child will be tough. etc)

It is impossible to escape the world and live in it at the same time.
Monks, hermits, etc do not live in the same world as we do. Its great to see the Shaivite eating corpses and havinig no care in the world. Do you really think he wants to hve a wife and an internet connection?

We can contemplate Buddas teachings as much as we want. Especially in our expensive extra room with imported statues designed just for contemplation - then we can have mental breakdowns because our job means we can't spend 2 hours meditating every day (read my sarcasm. feel my sarcasm)

It is fully possible to escape the material world by becominga recluse in an esoteric sense.
Monks/nuns and renounciates exist in all denominations. They can spend all their energy on the divine and usually ignore most of the material.


But thats not what you want.

You want to have the rockstar lifestyle. But not work for it..... odd.

You figure it out.

*the you in this context is a fictional persona created in order to allow the blog to shift from a lecture to a direct talk to the aspect of the reader that is brainwashed into the western mindset.

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